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We are a medium-sized law firm, which was established by Rechtsanwalt and Notar Dr. Josef Bohnenkamp in 1933. By now, it is continued in its third generation. It ranks among the long-established law firms in the Western Münsterland with a commitment to its clients which has been developed over decades. Besides the head office in Borken, we are also represent-ed in Berlin with an office.
As lawyers, we advise and represent entrepreneurs as well as consumers in almost all fields of law. This comprises initial counseling, out of court representation, including the elaboration of contracts, and litigation. Different fields of law are handled by a particular lawyer. Complex problems are internally dealt with by more several lawyers. This enables us to offer qualified counseling for our clients and ensures that they keep their contact person. In the fields of la-bour law, commercial and corporate law as well as tenancy and condominium law each, one lawyer has achieved the qualification of the specialist solicitor. A summary of all of our fields of lawyer’s activity, please see here.

In the notarial fields, we provide assistance in all fields of preventive judicature, for example real estate law, inheritance and corporate law, in individual questions of legal succession or affairs of heritable building rights.

When advising or representing our clients, we in particular attach great importance on per-sonal counseling, diligence and confidentiality.

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Ihr Weg zu uns und unseren Anwälten

Unsere Anwälte begleiten Sie bei Ihren rechtlichen Angelegenheit im Rahmen der Erstberatung, bei der außergerichtlichen und gerichtlichen Vertretung, aber auch der Ausarbeitung und Verhandlung von Verträgen und bei der Umsetzung von komplexen wirtschaftlichen Vorhaben. Durch die Bearbeitung bestimmter Rechtsgebiete durch einzelne Anwälte tragen wir der zunehmenden Spezialisierung Rechnung, bei komplexeren, insbesondere rechtsgebietsübergreifenden Fragestellungen arbeiten die Anwälte auch zusammen.